My name is José Bueno, I live in my hometown, Madrid (Spain).

I’ve been working in the world of photography for years. I am currently working as a photographer for several specialized media in the automotive world. I also work as solidarity calendars Heroes de 4 Patas. I am co-founder and Director of Photography of the media agency RawfotoSport specialized in sports photography.

Here you can see the interview «Aplicamos el Tercer Grado» by the prestigious and well-known brand Nikon. I am also a member of Nthephoto a space where the best professional photographers show a representation of his work and amateur photographers, can find inspiration and motivation to take your passion to a higher level.

Earlier in the world of photography books I have made numerous models and I am author of the book «Graffiti and portrait».

In these pages you will see some of my work done over recent years. To conclude my presentation I will put some words that made my good friend and excellent photographer Placido Sáez:

Calderon wrote a poem that I have dared to change a word:

                                    Brush life reports,

                                    perhaps a box prevents,

                                    a shape or a light has,

                                    and the other light is another way.

José is a painter, but also falls squarely within the image capture by the fotografía.Y in both, makes art.

                                                                                              A hug and … go!

                                                                                              Plácido 1993